happiness at work coaching

happiness at work coaching

I partner with you to explore the opportunities and challenges you are dealing with and draw out possible solutions and next steps. Together, we clarify themes and design actions that lead to greater happiness and fulfillment in your work and life.

I love coaching people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, aged from 16 to 60. My approach is always client and solution focused, using a variety of psychometric and practical tools.

Client Testimonials

Before, I had a very rigid mindset about work: I had to get up, go to an office, collect a paycheck, and generally be corporate. I hated this life, but I slaved away for years this way. Coaching helped vanquish this mindset. These days I work on my own and have freedom with my time, but there is enough hard work (and enough diversity in my work) to keep me engaged and interested. A few weeks back it suddenly occurred to me that I’d done some work both days of the previous two weekends. Working outside normal business hours used to be unthinkable when I was with a corporation.
Greg W

Nicola is one of the most inspirational coaches that I have met thus far. She was able to help me understand what my strengths were as well as sitting down with me to further clarify what parts of my life were in alliance with my strengths and which were not. Nicola is both patient and very calm in her manner whilst instilling enthusiasm and great expertise during the sessions.
Maria V

Nicola combines market knowledge, practical insight, an understanding of human psychology and innate wisdom to add value for her clients. First she listens (really listens), empathizes and analyzes – and then she acts. In a fast-paced, transaction-oriented world – her thoughtful and purposeful approach is as impressive as it is effective.
Harlan M

Nicola coached me first in a career coaching capacity, which evolved over time into life coaching. I found her coaching to be incredibly useful and she helped me to identify and define my career and life goals. I always looked forward to my sessions with Nicola.
Kirsten R

Nicola is an excellent career coach. She guided me to explore my own strengths and to uncover a new career path. She helped give me the confidence to take the next step in my career. I highly recommend Nicola.
Cynthia O